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About Find DNS records

The DNS Record Finder or DNS lookup tool finds the IP address of any domain name, returning IP addresses in the DNS records received from the name servers.


How Do I Find DNS Record Of a Domain?


To find DNS record of a domain, follow the below steps:


  • Got to SuperSiteTools website.
  • Find and click on DNS Record Finder Tool.
  • Enter your desired URL/Domain name in the field “Enter a URL”.
  • Click on submit button.
  • The output result will show you all DNS Entries for the desired domain.


What Does DNS Tool Do?


DNS Tools allows you to Ping, Traceroute or look up DNS for any domain or IP directly from your Web browser. DNS Tools also allow you to view information about your own IP address using the My IP tool. This tool offers a user-friendly and graphical view of IP information.


Can you trace a DNS request?


Using DNS trace, you can troubleshoot your DNS. You can use it on Linux OS, Mac OS and even on Windows (using Cygwin). You will trace the road of a DNS query. If there is a problem, you will see exactly where it is.


Are all DNS records public?


Public DNS: For a server to be accessible on the public internet, it requires a public DNS record, and its IP address needs to be reachable on the internet. Private DNS: Computers that live behind a firewall or on an internal network use a private DNS record so that local computers can identify them by name.