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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker provided by SuperSiteTools is an excellent tool to help you find out if any of your webpages is serving cached web pages by Google.

What is a cache?

It is a technique on internet browsers and different software programs that stores website docs temporarily. These documents consist of HTML and images with the aim of reducing bandwidth usage, perceived lag, and web server load. Thus, a web cache can store shadow copies of docs, which go through it. And afterward, all subsequent requests may also be served from the cache if particular conditions are met. A few of the most common caching techniques are Quickcache and jpcache.

Why Do You Need Google Cache Checker Tool?

If you are an SEO expert, who needs to deliver customized reports that involve analytics, but you don’t have sufficient amount of time, then Google Cache Checker provided by SuperSiteTools is the most outstanding tool for you. It is totally free and serve easily flexible interface that enables you to generate results you are searching for within only a few seconds, without you having to wait to get the answer. You can scrutinize a specific website and insert correct information regarding Google cache status that is for each website URL and based upon once that was last modified or changed. You can collect data in real time and date of each and every cache that can support you instantly, recognize or check for any problems or issues.

An Efficient Tool for SEO Professionals

SuperSiteTools’ Google Cache Checker is one of the most valuable tools for SEO professionals and webmasters like you. It does not require any download, you can utilize it anywhere if you are connected to internet. You can use it free of cost; thus you can utilize it as many times as you need it. Do not ignore this most pertinent Search Engine Optimization tool that many individuals use.

If you are a web developer, then you should need to have a look at this valuable tool, which is proudly presented by SuperSiteTools. SuperSiteTools’ Google Cache checker displays your website link and latest date when website data was cached by Google. It means all indexed links on your site can be recognized as cached URLs.

What is Special about Google Cache Checker provided by SuperSiteTools


Our Cache Analyzer Tool is highly impressive as it helps professional like you a lot. For example, your website hosting package expired, or you want to transfer your site from one hosting server to another. At first, you need to update your DNS (domain server address), and it can take around 24 hours to propagate. Throughout these hours, if anyone wants to access your site then Google search engine will refer him to a cached website and also will display date and time when the site was live. Thus, it is a special tool which supports your visitors to access a site which is actually at offline state.


How to Use Free Google Cache Checker Tool by SuperSite Tools

Follow the below steps to use our Google Cache Checker Tool

  • Enter the complete website URL in the provided text field “Enter up to 20 Links
  • Click on submit button.
  • After entering the website URL in the text box, our incredible tool will quickly show results such as the accurate date and time that Search Engine crawlers fetched the website.
  • To make a new search, click on “Try new URL” Button.

You can enter up to 20 links at a time. Within a second or two, our tool will deliver you with the accurate date and time Google crawled the most updated cached version of your website. This Google Cache Checker Tool available at SuperSiteTools tells the webmaster how often their site is being cached.

If your website cached version does not display, then you should take instant action as it is a sign that your website is not live or Google search engine can't crawl your website. You can utilize our Google Index Checker, Google Malware Checker; Google Page Speed Checker to make your site better.

Does Google Cache Still Exist?


Google currently has the most recent version of that page cached program. If you completely change your homepage's look tomorrow, Google will soon cache that version as well — but the older cache will still exist. By accessing the older cache, you could go back and see how your website looked before you changed it.

How Often Does Google Clear The Cache?


How long do cached web pages stay in Google's cache? Google keeps webpages in their cache for around 90 days, or until the page is crawled again by Google.