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Our Link Price Calculator SEO Tool is absolutely one of the most useful SEO Tool. You can use this tool to get a price estimation for a specific URL immediately.

Super Site Tools - Link Cost Calculator has a unique algorithm that determines website reputation based on quality and age, including backlinks, among others. If you are a website owner, this link price calculator will give you an estimate of how much you will receive per month for a given URL or text link.

What is a link on a website?

On a website, a hyperlink (or link) is something like a word, phrase or button that points to another place. When you click on a link, the link takes you to the target of the link, which may be a web page, document, or other online content. Websites use hyperlinks to navigate Internet content.

Example of link: Yourdomainer

How to Use Link Price Calculator?

You can check the price of 100 links at a time. Open Link Price Calculator, enter each link in a separate line there, and click on submit button. You will get approximate prices for each link.