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About Website Links Count Checker

Website Links Count Checker allows you to search the total number of links given on a website.

This free online tool is what you need if you want to count the number of internal and external links on a given page. Website owners and webmasters should regularly check their external links on their web pages to ensure website quality. Most importantly, this tool can help you save money and avoid paying for advertising or affiliate links from an unreliable service provider.

We recommended that you use this link counter tool as a starting point if you plan to include more links. Then you can do further research by manually analyzing the relevance of that specific web page.

How our Free Link Count Checker Tool work?

The links counter will give you a list of 3 categories named Total Link, Internal Links & External Links and counts total number of links from your website and shows under each category separately.

Total Links - is the total number of internal and external links a website has. There are website statistics analysis tools that will also report the number of duplicate links and empty anchors.

Internal links - are page links that can be found on a website. They are commonly linked through the website menu or by interlinks.

External links - are links to other websites or also called affiliate websites. The more external links a website has, the better it is for search engine optimization. However, all links should be directed to relevant and reliable websites and not to spam sites.

How to Use Website Link Count Checker

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To use our Link Count Checker Tools, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to Super Site Tools website.
  • Enter your website address in "Enter a URL".
  • Click on submit button.
  • It's done.