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Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

Class C IP Checker Tool developed by Super Site Tools is a web-based utility that helps users determine the Class C IP address of a given IP address. IP addresses are used to identify devices on a network, and they are divided into different classes based on their structure.

IP addresses of Class C are a specific type of IP addresses defined by their first three octets (the first 24 bits) being dedicated to the network portion of the address, while the last octet (the remaining 8 bits) is used for host addresses within that network.

These Class C IP addresses typically fall within the range of to and are commonly used for small to medium-sized networks. These IP addresses are used to identify individual devices within those networks.

Our Class C IP Checker Tool can be helpful in various networking and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contexts. For example, in SEO, webmasters and digital marketers use our tool to check the IP addresses of websites to identify potential link networks or hosting patterns that could affect search engine rankings.

How Does our Class C IP Checker Tool Work?

The Class C IP Checker is a simple tool that helps you find out if different websites share the same IP address. Here's how it works in easy-to-understand terms:

  1. Enter Domain Names: You start by entering the website addresses (domain names) of the sites you want to check. You can enter up to 40 domain names, with each one on a separate line.
  2. Click 'Submit': Once you've entered the domain names, click the 'Submit' button. This tells the tool to start checking.
  3. Results: After a moment, the Class C IP Checker will show you the results. It will list the website names you entered and, next to each name, it will show the Host, IP address and Class C IP.

Using this tool can be helpful if you're curious about the connections between different websites. It's easy to use and provides you with valuable information about their IP addresses.

What is a Class C IP Address?

A Class C IP address is a type of internet address that's used to identify different devices on a network. It's made up of two parts: a network address and a local host address.

Here's a simpler breakdown:

  • Network Address: This part helps us understand which group or class the address belongs to. For Class C, the first three bits are always set to 110, which tells us it's a Class C address. The remaining 21 bits are used for the actual network address.
  • Local Host Address: This part is used to identify specific devices on that network. In a Class C address, there are 8 bits available for this purpose, allowing for up to 256 unique local host addresses.

Visual Representation:

Imagine the Class C address as a sequence of 32 bits. The first 24 bits are for the network, and the last 8 bits are for the local host.

In simpler terms, if you look at the first byte of a Class C address, it will always be a number between 192 and 223. This can help you recognize a Class C address.

So, when deciding which type of network address to use, think about how many devices you have on your network. If you have fewer than 256 devices, a Class C address should be sufficient. But if your organization is large and has many devices, you might need a Class B or Class A address for better organization.

Class C IP Address Example

How do I know if my IP is Class A, B or C?

You can determine the class of an IP address by examining its first octet (the first set of 8 bits) and looking at the range in which it falls. Here's a simple guide to help you identify the class of an IP address:

Class A

  • Range: to
  • The first octet (the first number) in a Class A IP address will be between 1 and 126.

Class B

  • Range: to
  • The first octet in a Class B IP address will be between 128 and 191.

Class C

  • Range: to
  • The first octet in a Class C IP address will be between 192 and 223.

Class D (Multicast):

  • Range: to
  • Class D addresses are used for multicast groups and are not typically assigned to individual devices.

Class E (Experimental)

  • Range: to
  • Class E addresses are reserved for experimental purposes and are not used for general IP addressing.

To determine the class of your IP address, simply check the value of the first number (the first octet) in your IP address. It should fall within one of the specified ranges for Class A, B, or C.

How to use Class C IP Checker Tool by Super Site Tools:

To use C Class IP Checker Tool offered by, please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit website.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter up to 40 Domains (Each Domain must be on a separate line)
  4. Click on submit button.

In the results, the C class IP checker will display the host names that you had entered, and for each hostname, it displays their IP address, Class C IP Address, and it's the status.