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About URL Rewriting Tool

Our URL Rewriting Tool is an SEO tool that replaces an existing URL generated by Web Applications with a more user-friendly URL.

What is a URL Rewrite Tool?

URL rewriting allows web administrators to replace URLs generated by web applications with HTML responses that are search-engine friendly. Links and HTML tags generated by web applications can be modified behind a back agent.

Why should you rewrite the URL? Static URLs are easy to remember

and user-friendly.

Static URLs are easier to register or subscribe to than dynamic URLs.

Static URLs can help you get better rankings on various search engines.

To do this, you will need to create a file named ".htaccess" and put the generated code there. Once you have created the .htacess file, copy it to your website directory. Rewriting URLs like this will only work if you are hosted on an Apache server. If you have a clean, simple URL (static URL), the major search engines can recognize the domain name and can link to the actual keywords. Because when you still use query string restrictions, it can hamper search engines' efforts to index your web pages. Many SEO experts say that static URLs are attractive to search engines, which helps in getting good rankings.

Why should you use our URL rewriting tool?

This free online URL rewriting tool from supersitetools.com s is a great tool that generates static URLs quickly with one click. Just copy the URL and paste it into the box and submit. Our URL rewriting tool will generate the results instantly and give you a short and straightforward URL.

We created this URL rewriting tool so you can use it to check and rewrite your website URL. Keep in mind that static URLs are always better than dynamic URLs because static URLs can rank higher in search engines like Google. Although dynamic links are indexed faster by search engines than static links.

This URL rewriting tool is easy to use and can give you quick results. It is not necessary to download the software on your PC because it is an online tool that you can use at any time; this way you save memory space. Also, you don't need to pay anything to use URL rewrite generator as this tool is free. There are three good reasons to rewrite URLs.

First, it helps in search engine optimization because search engines prefer URLs that do not include long query strings.

Second, if you have a friendly static URL, you will probably be able to get your page higher in search engines and it will help attract more traffic because it looks friendly.

And third, it makes your web page load faster than dynamic URLs. Therefore, it has an easy-to-use interface.

How to do URL rewrite? To do this, follow these steps:

  • Goto supersitetools.com
  • Click on URL rewriting tool.
  • Enter URL address in the provided field and click on submit button.

Although IT professionals may understand the process of rewriting the URL, many users may have the impression that any link is not really "secure" - although this is rarely the case. Therefore, URL rewriting can have the side effect of increasing the chances of users clicking on bad links.

What is the difference between URL Rewriting and Redirection?

Simply, a redirect is a client-side request for a web browser to go to another URL. This means that the URL you see in the browser will be updated to the new URL. Redirection is a server-side URL before IIS properly processes it.