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If you are tired up with paid website age checks, no need to stress. We offer a free Domain Name Expiry Checker tool that lets you do as many single scans as you want. Are you ready? Check out the Website or Domain Age Checker on our site.

Ever wondered how long a website has been on the internet? This tool gives you that info, which is crucial for Google rankings.

You can also use it to find out your website's age and compare it to competitors'. So, whether you're into SEO or just curious about websites, this tool allows you to check age of any domain.

Most domain age checkers show you just the years a domain has been around. Ours, powered by SuperSiteTools, offers further.

Our tool not only reveals your domain's age, but it also gives you the exact day, month, and year the domain was created. And wait, there's more:

You'll also get extra information about your domain, including:

  • When the domain was last updated.
  • The date the domain will expire.
  • Domain Age in Years and Days

What is a domain age?

Domain age, also referred to as website age, is the timeline that measures the existence of a website in the digital world known as the Internet.

Imagine it as the birthdate of a virtual entity. For instance, if a website was registered in 2010, its domain age would be around 13 years in 2023.

This age isn't just a number; it encompasses the years of content evolution, design enhancements, and user interactions that define a website's virtual journey.

It's like the historical record of a website's growth and evolution in the digital universe.

How You Can Find Website Age with Our Domain Age Checker

Using our Domain Age Checker is as simple as having fun!

Here's how to do it:

1. Visit this page (, the same page you're on now.

2. In the provided text box, type your domain name(s) with "http://".

Domain Age Checker Tool by

3. After entering your domain name(s), click "Get Domain Age" button to get the results.

Domain Age Checker Result

Our powerful tool will quickly generate the results, exactly as shown in this image:

Does Domain Age Affect SEO Rankings?

You might wonder if the age of a domain plays a role in how well a website ranks on search engines. The truth is, the direct impact of domain age on rankings is limited. Having an older domain doesn't guarantee a higher position in search results compared to newer domains.

However, domain age isn't entirely irrelevant. While it doesn't act as a direct ranking factor, it can be associated with certain aspects that do matter for SEO. An older domain often means the website has been around for a longer time.

This can be seen as a sign of credibility and stability, which could indirectly influence search engines' perception of the website's trustworthiness.

When it comes to search performance, it's not just about how old a domain is. Factors like the quality of content, backlinks, user engagement, and technical optimization play more significant roles in determining a website's ranking.

So, while domain age doesn't hold the ultimate power in boosting SEO rankings, it's still a part of the bigger picture when evaluating a website's overall online presence.

Domain Age: What are the Benefits of it

Let's explore some benefits of domain age:

Credibility and Trust

Like a wise old friend, an older domain earns respect. It shows visitors that the website has been reliable for a while, making them feel more confident in its content.

Search Engine Authority

Search engines trust experienced websites. An older domain is like a knowledgeable expert, and search engines are more likely to recommend it because it has a track record of providing useful information.

Enhanced Reputation

Think of an older domain as a seasoned pro in its field. Just like people respect experts, websites with history earn a reputation for quality content and reliability.

Backlink Attraction

Backlinks are like recommendations. Older websites have had more time to make connections and get endorsed by others, showing that they're influential and trusted.

Stability and Insights

Longevity online is impressive. An older domain shows it's been steady and reliable. Plus, the info gathered over time helps make smart decisions for the website's future.

The Benefits of Our Domain Age Checker Tool

In today's digital marketing landscape, brands thrive online. To stay ahead of the marketing game, it's essential to have precise insights about your online tools and platforms.

Websites with older domains have an edge over newer ones because search engines favor them.

But before you buy a domain, it's crucial to know its age. This helps ensure you're not taking someone else's domain. Our Domain Age Checker Tool lets you do this and even explore your competitors' domain ages.

Moreover, checking a domain's age reveals its potential traffic and reputation. Sometimes, an old domain isn't valuable if it carries negative associations. Users might have marked it as spam.

Last But Not Least

While our Domain Age Checker is useful, it's important not to rely solely on it for decisions. It's wise to dig deeper into the domain's details, and we have a range of tools to assist you.

These tools include:

Backlink Checker: Find out who is linking to the domain.

Suspicious Domain Checker: Get information about a domain, it is safe or not.

Domain Hosting Checker: Find name of hosting provider for a specific domain.

Blacklist Lookup: Discover if the domain is flagged as spam.

These tools are valuable companions in making the right choice when considering an existing domain for purchase.